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Leaders want much more than inspiration—leaders want to reach for higher purpose and aspirations.
— Mary Verstraete


Leadership Consulting and Coaching


Designing Your Distinct Legacy

The LifeMap for Focused Living Process©, a collaborative process with high confidentiality and measurable outcomes does not require significant amounts of time for the busy leader.


We work together to analyze your strengths, abilities, personality preferences, and leadership characteristics. We explore and determine core values, life mission and vision, then generate convergence of these areas into your leadership.


We engage convergence by maximizing your capacity to lead with more intentionality, greater authenticity, and increased significance, expanding your distinct leadership influence and legacy.


We strategically execute your leadership convergence and create cultures of communication effectiveness, synergy, and intrinsic employee engagement built on authenticity and trust. 


Opportunities are created to support your continued leadership optimization, measurable outcomes, and benchmarks for leveraging your leadership. 

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Business Consulting and Coaching


Intrinsic Employee Development 

The more genuine the employee involvement, the more sustained motivation employees and teams will have in the participation of analyzing and solving problems, resulting in the significant release of creativity and a commitment to what they create. This accelerates business results.

It's safe to say that more “team-building days” aren't going to remedy any lack of employee engagement. The answer to consistent engagement in today's agile work environment often requires support for the employee. Coaching provides valuable support by offering a confidential, safe environment for employees to maneuver through challenges, develop personally and professionally, and cultivate the ability to function within an organization with a high degree of intrinsic self-determination.



Culture Workshops

Workshops are designed to establish cultures of communication effectiveness, synergistic teams, and strong employee engagement—all built on the foundation of trust that contributes to organizational legacy.

The workshops are a companion to employee coaching and are customized to meet your organization's needs and are always presented within the context of the organization's mission and values.

  • Developing Synergistic Cultures

  • Creating Strength-Based Teams

  • Establishing Teams Built Upon Trust

  • Generating Employee Engagement & Loyalty

  • Conversational Leadership©

  • Mastering Communication Excellence

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Your organization has a brand image, reputation, and is providing a service. Every time your company interacts with customers, a perception is formed, an experience is created, and a decision is made in doing further business with you. Creating organizational legacy is the heart of each and every area I speak on. Your success is important now and in the years ahead. 


Building Trust Through Change

Today's business is in a constant pace of moving faster and faster. This means change must occur. How do you manage change and keep your leadership trust? I address how in the midst of change, there is an important opportunity for leaders to build trust and achieve business results. 

Key Takeaways:

  • The single most important action during times of transition

  • How to keep momentum moving for those you lead

  • Building a culture of trust during transition


Conversation Changes Everything

When organizations make the necessary efforts to weave a culture of conversational coaching into the way they lead, the astonishing results speak for themselves. A 2015 study of Fortune 100 executives by the Manchester Consulting Group reported in Economic Times revealed that those who started employing professional coaching skills for people management had these returns:

  1. An improved bottom line—resulting in an ROI of almost six times the program cost

  2. Improvement in relationships (77%)

  3. Improvement in teamwork (67%)

  4. Improvement in job satisfaction (61%)

  5. Improvement in quality (48%)

Key Takeaways:

  • Empowering a coaching culture is turning out to be a “must” investment for better employee engagement and performance, and more satisfied customers.

  • Effective leadership is dependent upon many important elements, but none is more important than communication and the relational skills that make for good communication.

  • It's the conversation that counts!


The Conversational Mindset

Soft skills are becoming today's hard skills. In 2012, Google commissioned a three-year study called Project Aristotle that attempted to determine the factors of a productive team. The results: 

  1. Communication. Good communicators should be able to develop constructive working relationships with colleagues and be able to learn from constructive criticism.

  2. Team Player. A person that has the ability to work with a team to achieve goals and has the qualities of being open, honest, and listening to others.

  3. Compassionate, empathetic, sensitive, and human, creating a safe psychological space.

Today this combination is sought after by companies like Google because it has been determined that high-performing teams had high social sensitivity characterized by trust, mutual respect, and real connections.

Key Takeaways:

  • A highly effective conversational approach in each interaction

  • How to communicate authentic compassion

  • Building a culture of conversational leadership

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