Working with business professionals who want to leverage their leadership and create a mark in the world.

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Who I am

Who I am 

My vision is straightforward. Assisting ambitious, successful business professionals in establishing incalculable leadership influence that creates a mark in the world, cultivating an unwavering legacy of lasting significance.

With more than three decades of experience helping entrepreneurs, business owners, and senior management leverage their leadership, I’m dedicated to leadership excellence. Whether sitting across the table, talking on the phone, or coaching and consulting, leaders are the focus of my life's work.

How I work with individuals

How I work with business professionals

As a leadership consultant and coach, I work in partnership with leaders to develop their unique legacy, identify how beliefs, actions, and conversations generate exceptional leadership influence, and design a road map to achieve the determined legacy. 

  • What beliefs foster consistent and exceptional leadership effectiveness? 
  • What leadership actions earn commendable respect? 
  • What leadership conversations build trust, relationships, and inspire vision?
  • How does trust become a hallmark of leadership?

What outstanding legacy do you want to build? 

How I work with businesses

How I work with businesses

While coaching business professionals, I often work with their teams as well. As a consultant, I collaborate with leaders in establishing a culture of communication effectiveness, synergistic teams, and strong employee engagement—all built on the foundation of trust that contributes to organizational legacy. When an environment of trust is created, organizations and teams thrive. 

  • The more genuine the involvement of employees, the more sustained motivation they will have in the participation of analyzing and solving problems, resulting in the significant release of employee creativity, a commitment to what they create, and accelerated business results.

What is the level of trust in your teams?

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